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Home Owners

Floral Wall Mount LightAt Special Lite Products, Inc., we haven’t forgotten you, the average home owner.  While we do not sell directly from the factory, please contact Special Lite today.  We can direct you to the nearest Special Lite dealer or distributor.
You’ll appreciate the quality, selection, and durability of Special Lite Products.  If you’ve purchased a mailbox or outdoor lighting from the typical “big box” store, only to have it develop unsightly rust and corrosion within a year or two, you’ll love the value Special Lite brings to the market place.
Our products are made of cast aluminum and powder coated.  Rust free, maintenance free, and easy to install, you’ll enjoy a years of service from our Outdoor Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Posts, Tri-Lights, Decorative Mailboxes, Mailbox Posts, and even Landscape Lighting.
Contact Special Lite Products to learn more.

How to Buy

Brighton Mailbox PostSpecial Lite Products sells no product directly from the factory.  Instead we work hand-in-hand with a wide range of distributors and dealers to find you the reliable, local support you need for your project.  Our local sales reps and distributors are the key to fulfilling all of your needs.
Contact Special Lite Products today to find the dealer or distributor in your area. 
Every local representative of Special Lite has access to our full range of manufactured products, as well as the full capabilities of our support staff.

Customer Allegiance

At Special Lite Products, Inc. our goal is more than closing the sale.  Whether you need outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative mailboxes, street signs, even landscape lighting, our mission is to develop a strong and lasting relationship with you, our customer.
We don’t strive to make you just happy, but so happy you’ll share your experience with your family and friends, helping to grow our business as an advocate of the quality, value, and upscale product line that only Special Lite Products can provide.
Contact Special Lite Products today.   

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