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From Builders to Home Owners Associations, Designers to Commercial Developers, Special Lite serves your needs.

Dealers & Distributors

Offer Special Lite Quality to Your Customers.  You’ll have our full support.


Need a single outdoor light or mailbox?  All Special Lite Products are available to you!

Special Lite Products are used in a variety of markets and by everyone ranging from the single home owner to architects and designers developing new master planned communities.  We welcome contacts from everyone!  Visit our How to Order page to learn how Special Lite’s product numbering system helps you buy the exact order you need.


Yes, the good news is, as a homeowner, you can buy the single Special Lite Product you need, whether it is an outdoor lighting fixture, mailbox, landscape lighting, or any of our wide-ranging products.
If you’re looking for quality, Special Lite is your answer. Contact Special Lite Products today at 1-800-365-0511 or via our contact form!  Our service staff will put you in touch with the Special Lite dealer or distributor nearest you, your local representative who will be there to serve you with our full support.  It’s easy, and we’re here to answer your call.

Dealers and Distributors

Special Lite continues to grow our network of dealers and distributors.  While you may not carry or display our full products line, you’ll always enjoy Special Lite’s full support, which includes access to everything we manufacture.
Special Lite products offer the high quality advantages of powder coated aluminum construction for long life and rust-free durability, as well as exceptional designs that not only look great in communities everywhere, but can help maintain and increase property values.
Contact Special Lite Products today at 1-800-365-0511 or via our contact form to learn more about becoming a dealer or distributor of Special Lite Products.


Whether you are an architect designing a new commercial development, a developer at work on a new master planned community, or a municipal representative working on a community beautification project, all you have to do is Contact Special Lite Products.
It’s that simple.  Contact Special Lite Products today.  Via phone at 1-800-365-0511, email, or our contact form, get in touch with us.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Our staff and customer service representatives work with you tirelessly to make sure your needs are met and your project is a success. No high-pressure sales, just straight answers and the help you need.
We can make sure you are in contact with the closest retail source of our products.  Our local sales reps and local distributors are the key to fulfilling all of your needs.
You will find the enduring value of our outdoor lights and designer mailboxes is worth every penny.  

A Different Philosophy

At Special Lite Products, Inc., we sell no items from the factory.  All products are sold by our international network of dealers and distributors.  We support them completely.  So completely that when you call Special Lite, our staff works directly with you to make sure every last one of your needs is met and your questions answered.
When you are ready to proceed, we turn you over to a fully informed, fully supported local representative who will handle your project from its promising beginnings to it successful conclusion.
Contact Special Lite Products today.  Let’s get started! 

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