Decorative Traffic & Streetscape Signage

Whether you are an architect designing a new streetscape, a signage company planning a lifestyle center or a board member of a Home Owners’ Association coordinating improvements in your community, you know details count.

At Special Lite Products, our decorative street name signage, sign poles, mounting brackets and sign frames are detail perfect. Improve streetscapes through continuity of design, consistency of themes, while complementing both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Complete Design, Fabrication and Finishing

Breakaway Pole Certifications

Our 3” and 4” O/D smooth aluminum poles meet U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) breakaway pole regulations. Our decorative smooth poles are engineered and approved as a FHWA breakaway device suitable for traffic signage.  NO SPECIAL ADAPTER REQUIRED.  Our smooth aluminum breakaway poles are omni directional, meaning they don’t require poles to face a certain direction and can easily be installed in multiple applications.

By using the patented breakaway pole kit, our 3” O/D fluted poles are U.S. Federal Highway Administration break away compliant.

Flush-to-the-ground configuration allows sign poles to breakaway or release cleanly at ground level, with a 360-degree impact zone.  Other mounting systems extend above the ground level and can come in contact with a vehicles tires and/or gas tank upon impact causing possible roll-overs and explosions.

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