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1Where can I purchase Special Lite Products?
Special Lite Products are sold through our network of authorized dealers and distributors, so you always have the local support and dependable response you need. Our local sales reps and local distributors are the key to fulfilling all of your needs. Contact our customer service department to find a dealer near you.
2How do I become an authorized dealer?
Complete the Special Lite Products Dealer Request Form to start the process or contact our customer service department for more details.
3Can I purchase a single outdoor light fixture or mailbox?
Absolutely. You may order one lighting fixture, one traffic or light pole, one mailbox. The minimum order for any Special Lite product is “one.” Contact Special Lite today or visit our Learn How to Purchase page and we will put you in touch with the dealer or distributor serving your area, so you always have the local support and dependable response you need.
4What are Special Lite products made of?
Our products are all manufactured from rust free aluminum and powder coated for a lifetime of service. All screws, hinges, and like parts are stainless steel. Outdoor lights include glass panels and globes.
5How do I maintain my Special Lite product?
Use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down your mailbox or light fixture at least once a year. Click here to learn more about care and cleaning, or product refurbishment.
6Why are your products powder coated?
Powder coating provides a superior finish that is resistant to pealing, blistering, and flaking. A powder coated finish is applied as a dry powder then baked in an oven at 400 degrees.
7What are the advantages of aluminum over other materials?
Pound for pound, aluminum is more durable than steel and other plastic materials and easily formed into a variety of shapes. Most importantly, aluminum provides for a rust free, maintenance free product that weathers well and will last.
8Are complementary products available?
Many of our mailboxes, lighting and signage products are designed in complementary styles. Choose from matching toppers, bases and posts to create a unified style throughout an entire community, municipality or home site.
9Are custom products available?
Special Lite Products can customize almost all of our products to meet the unique requirements for any project, whether it is traffic signage, wayfinding and entrance signs, outdoor lighting, or mailboxes, please feel free to ask.
10What if my item is damaged, are parts available?
Special Lite Products has been manufacturing outdoor lighting, street signage, mailboxes, and more for 50 years. Replacement parts are available for most of our products. Contact our customer service department for assistance in ordering the parts you need.
11Can I install Special Lite Products myself?
Our mailboxes, posts, street signage, and address plaques are easy to install. Assembly and installation instructions are available to download on our Resources page. Outdoor lighting involves electrical work and should be installed by a licensed electrician.
12What are the regulations for curbside mailbox installation?
Generally, curbside mailboxes should be installed at a height of 41–45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry. Mailboxes are set back 6–8 inches from the front face of the curb or road edge to the mailbox door.
13Are there street signage regulations I should be aware of?
Many states, counties, and municipalities have their own regulations governing signage. Due to the wide range of regulations, we recommend our customers contact their local municipality to determine what regulations exist. At Special Lite Products, our experience allows us to provide you with the “right questions,” so that there will be no surprises as your project proceeds.
14What type of street name signs and traffic signs do I need?
Local municipalities often determine what size and types of signs are needed for your streets. Requirements often change so we strongly encourage you to check with the municipal authority for regulations and guidelines.
15Are street signs equipped with reflective materials?
Various grades of high quality reflective vinyl are available. We recommend that you review the MUTCD guidelines for reflectivity requirements for your specific project. Your Special Lite sales representative can also provide additional assistance.


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