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Lighting Families

Exceptional Designs that Work Together

Floral LightingAt Special Lite Products, Inc., our Outdoor Lighting Post Lights, Mail Box Selections, Address Plaques, and even Traffic Signs have been designed to complement one another.
Together, they bring a unified, upscale look to any project.  Whether a planned community development or a commercial project, we have the selection and the experience to bring everything together in a way that enhances the perceived value of your property.

Made of cast aluminum, Special Lite products are rust free, maintenance free, easy to install, and available in a variety of durable, powder coated finishes.

Picking the Right Combination

Floral MailboxHow do you choose the right mailbox and mailbox post to complement your favorite Special Lite outdoor lighting fixture?  The best way is to ask your friendly customer service representative at Special Lite Products.  Contact us today.  We’ve been creating these decorative designs for over 40 years and satisfying customers every day. 

Lighting Families

For your convenience, we’ve provided a selection of some of the best combinations on our Lighting Families pages.  Just select your family of interest from the list below (or from our main men), and see how our selections come together to provide a stunning, unified look to your community development.



Learn How to Buy our Products

We sell no product directly from the factory.  Instead Special Lite works hand-in-hand with our wide range of distributors and dealers to find you the reliable, local support you need for your project.  Visit our Learn How to Buy our Products page.
Special Lite Products works with Architects & Designers, Builders & Developers, Commercial Developers, Cities & Municipalities, Property Management Companies, and Home Owners Associations.  As a manufacturer, we can even develop custom solutions.

Even if you are a lone home owner, Contact Special Lite today.  We can direct you to a dealer that will help you find the right lighting fixtures to fit your home decor.

Selection and Design

Looking for more reasons to Contact Special Lite Products?  Visit our Downloads page, where you will find our Outdoor Lighting Catalog.  We’re sure you’ll find the styles, sizes, and distinctive designs you’re looking for. 

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