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Signage Components

Fluted Poles & Breakaway Poles

Our Vista and Town Square street sign posts are available in 3” and 4" diameter fluted poles and 3" smooth and fluted breakaway poles (certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration).  Our Classic Series is available in 3" O/D smooth and fluted breakaway poles. Breakaway poles allow for both street appeal and increased public safety. 
Contact Special Lite Products, Inc. today to learn more about the benefits that breakaway certified aluminum posts can bring to your project or your community.

Pole Bases

Eight decorative pole bases are available.  Our Classic Series, Del Flora Series, Town Square, WRB7 and WRB8 Base each fit over a 3” diameter round pole and the WRB9 and WRB11 fit over a 4" diameter round pole to add that extra decorative touch.  Our Main Street Series base accommodates the square shape of our Main Street Series sign posts.

Post Toppers

Our Post Toppers are all made from rust free cast aluminum with a powder coated base finish to ensure they last as long as our durable poles.  Styles range from Acorn Topper and Horse Head Topper to Spiral Topper and traditional Ball Toppers.

Metal Sign Frames and More...

Our street sign mounting accessories are designed to complement the high-end look of Special Lite Product’s Vista, Classic, Town Square, and Main Street traffic control poles.

Street Sign Mounting

The TSB series of metal sign frames can be ordered to hold any size sign blade.  Custom frames are designed to accommodate logos and other images opposite traditional street signs.  Pole sign mounts for single and double mount are available.  Our clamp design sign bars come in two sections for ease of mounting.
See examples and learn more on our Street Sign Mounting page.

Street Sign Blades & Blade Sign Brackets

From poles to sign blades, let Special Lite Products handle all your signage needs, assuring you of the highest quality and giving you peace of mind as your project moves forward.
Street Sign Blades are available in standard sizes and custom lengths.  A wide variety of colors and fonts are on hand to bring your street signs to life.  We can even place logos and line art images on sign blades.

  • 24”, 30" and 36" flat aluminum in 6” high and 9” high blades.
  • 24”, 30" and 36" extruded aluminum in 6” high and 9” high blades.
  • 0.080 thickness, with alternate thicknesses available upon request.
  • Custom blade lengths available upon request.

Pole top mounting brackets and finials put a decorative finishing touch atop your street signs, or mount one street sign atop another.
See examples and learn more on our Street Sign Blades and Components pages.

Traffic Sign Frames & Plates

Traffic Sign Back Plates and Traffic Sign Frames add durability and that “finishing touch” for an upscale, elegant appearance.
Need something out of the ordinary?  Custom back plates and sign frames are available upon request.
All traffic sign back plates and traffic sign frames come undrilled to accommodate custom mounting.  For examples of metal sign frames & plates, visit our Traffic Sign Frames & Plates page.

Address Plaques

Our line of Cast Aluminum Address Plaques brings distinction to the home you love.  Made of solid cast aluminum and powder coated to withstand the elements.  Visit our Address Plaques page to learn more.

Interested?  Visit our Learn How to Order page for more details.

Looking for more reasons to Contact Special Lite Products?  Visit our Downloads page, where you will find our Traffic Control and Street Sign pages from our Mailbox Catalog, as well as a downloadable version of our Site Amenities Catalog.
At Special Lite Products, Inc., in addition to traffic signs, sign poles, and sign frames, you’ll find matching mailbox posts, address plaques, and our sought after outdoor lighting designs, all of which come together to make the place you live the home you love. 

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