Standard CBU’s

Centralized mail delivery is easily handled by Special Lite Product’s Cluster Box Mailboxes (CBUs).

The Florence vital™ 1570 series cluster box unit design has been adopted by the USPS as the design standard for all CBUs manufactured in the United States. We are pleased to offer a complete line of USPS approved cluster box units to fit your individual project needs. We are proud to offer you the security and reliability that the USPS depends on every day.

Decorative Cluster Box Supports

Looking for a way to turn your standard CBU into something more “upscale”?

Special Lite Products has created a CBU upgrade kit. This kit is designed to fit the most popular styles of CBUs and can be used as a retro fit or new installation. Our kit features all cast/extruded aluminum construction, stainless steel screws, and a powder-coated finish. Installation is quick and easy. Please contact us on pricing for your specific model.


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