Hempfield Curbside Mailbox System

Answering the desire for luxurious suburban living, the Hempfield mailbox system offers a beautiful cast aluminum scroll. The Hempfield curbside mailbox system is available in two mounting styles; Front Single (FS) and Front Double (FDBL). Minimum order required for all PRO-SERIES Mailbox Systems.

How to configure your Hempfield Curbside Mailbox System

Step 1 - Select a Mounting Bracket

Choose from one of the Hempfield mounting bracket styles shown above; Front Single (FS) or Top Double (TDBL).

Step 2 - Select a Post

Step 3 - Select a Post Topper

Toppers for 3" round posts

Step 4 - Select a Mailbox

Cast Aluminum Mailbox
8 3/4" W x 10" H x 20" D

Cast Aluminum Mailbox
8 1/4" W x 9" H x 18" D

Rolled Aluminum Mailbox
with Cast Aluminum Door
9 1/2" W x 11 1/4" H x 21 3/4" D

Cast Aluminum Mailbox
9" W x 10" H x 19 3/4" D

Cast Aluminum Mailbox
9 1/2" W x 11 1/4" H x 20 3/4" D

Standard Steel Mailbox
7" W x 9" H x 20" D

Step 5 - Select a Base (optional)

Bases for 3" round posts

Bases for 4" round posts

Base for 4" x 4" square posts

Step 6 - Select a Finish

Click here to choose from our selection of finish choices. Custom colors are available.

Step 7 - Select Address Numbers (optional)

Available in your choice of self adhesive stainless steel, polished brass or reflective vinyl. 2" and 3" tall numbers sizes available.
Durable and easy to apply. Numbers can be put on the front or sides of the mailbox, they also can be applied to mounting bracket address plaques (where applicable).

Address Number Options

2" and 3" tall Stainless Steel
self adhesive numbers

2" and 3" tall Polished Brass
self adhesive numbers

2" and 3" tall White Reflective
vinyl numbers

2" and 3" tall Gold Reflective
vinyl numbers


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