Bollards That Coordinate with Lighting and Signage

Decorative bollards, placed in key locations, help to create a sense of separation between pedestrian and vehicular areas.  In addition to this valuable function, bollards, combined with our post toppers, add visual interest to your streetscape.

Our Bollards are created from the same quality extruded and cast aluminum as our poles and bases.  With a powder coated base finish, these bollards are maintenance-free.

Choose from the poles, bases, and toppers to create bollards that perfectly coordinate with your traffic and directional signageoutdoor lighting and curbside mailboxes, adding considerable value and visual appeal to your community.  Optional chain loops are available.

Shown above are a few of the configurations possible for bollards. Choose from the poles and bases to match your bollards to your directional signage.

We have not conducted nor do we intend to conduct a laboratory crash test. We do not boast or claim that given bollards will with stand any given force or impact for liability purposes. It would be comparable to saying all telephone poles or trees will withstand the same impact. Bollards are manufactured and designed as a deterrent and safety precaution.


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