Street Name Sign Blades

Street Sign Blades are available in standard sizes and custom lengths. A wide variety of colors and fonts are on hand to bring your street signs to life. We can even place logos and line art images on sign blades.

  • 0.080 Flat aluminum in
  • 6” high and 9” high blades.
  • Extruded aluminum in
  • 6” high and 9” high blades.
  • Custom blade lengths and widths available upon request.

Side mounting brackets, pole top mounting brackets, and finials put a decorative finishing touch atop your street signs. We also offer double mounting options to display one street sign atop another.

Custom Street Name Sign Blades

Contact Special Lite Products for custom sign blades. We bring to life your ideas for custom shapes, custom sizes, and special designs. Upgrade the look of your signage system with custom sign blades. Below is a small sampling of the custom sign designs that are available.


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