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Family Owned Since 1967

When you consider an investment in your community development, commercial project, or home, the value you receive is about more than price.
You want to know that customer service and support will be with you now and in the future.  After four decades of success, and without compromising our family owned values, Special Lite Products Inc., continues to grow. 
This is the place to find great designs and matching product families for Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Signage, Cast Aluminum Mailbox selections, and more.

Our products are rust free, maintenance free, and designed to last.

Concerned About Support?

Contact Special Lite Products, Inc. today.  We will walk step by step with you through each of your concerns and find practical, working solutions that help assure the success of your project and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

  • As a manufacturer, Special Lite Products can develop custom solutions in accessories and signage, crafted right here in our Western Pennsylvania facilities.
  • At Special Lite, we stay involved with every project, making sure the details are done right and the relationship between you and our local distributor or dealer goes smoothly.
  • Special Lite Products are sold through our network of dealers and distributors, so you always have the local support and dependable response you need.  Learn How to Purchase Special Lite Products.

Standing Behind Our Products

At Special Lite Products, Inc. our goal is more than closing the sale.  Our mission is to develop a strong and lasting relationship with you, our customer.

  • Yes, we have spare parts for all our designs (we’ve been manufacturing some of them for five decades).
  • Yes, we work with you to help select the right product families, models, and finishes to not only meet your needs but help ensure the outstanding success of your project. 
  • Yes, we answer our telephones personally during business hours and we want to hear all of your questions and concerns.
     We don’t strive to make you just happy, but so happy you’ll share your experience with your associates, helping to grow our business as an advocate of the quality, value, and upscale product line that only Special Lite Products can provide.  Contact Special Lite Products today. 

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