Mid Modern Curbside
Mailboxes and Posts

Mid Modern Curbside Mailboxes

What was old is new again! The expected shape of the Dylan and Rigby might be considered standard but its unique flashback finish styling gives new life latest mailbox model. The Dylan and Rigby is a great addition for a home looking for something modern but also simple. Mailboxes and posts are manufactured from 100% rust free materials - aluminum and stainless steel. With a full-length stainless-steel hinge and maintenance free powder coat, you can rest assured in the quality of the accents. A solid and sturdy body that will withstand the test of time, much like its finish choices, the 1960’s inspired finish choices show that past styles come to grab the modern decorative eye even today! The Mid Modern post brings a sleek, present day esthetic to your curbside with its ivory powder coated finish adorned by in vogue vinyl numbers.

Mid Modern Wall Mount Mailboxes

Special Lite also a selection of residential wall mount mailboxes in the same variety of finish selections.
Learn more about our mid modern wall mount mailboxes.


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