Lighting Posts and Accessories

Maintenance Free Outdoor Lamp Posts

In addition to complementing all of Special Lite’s upscale lighting designs, our outdoor lamp posts accommodate all industry standard 3" O/D post lanterns.

Our aluminum, powder coated lamp posts are rust free, maintenance free, and durable enough to withstand weather. Available are:

  • Direct Burial and Surface Mount aluminum posts.
  • Surface Mount available with Pole-Safe® Breakaway anchors.
  • Smooth Aluminum Breakaway Posts.
  • Fluted Aluminum Breakaway and Non-Breakaway Posts.
  • Decorative Lamp Post Bases.

Local & Municipal Ordinances

Your local or municipal government may have certain requirements for direct burial or surface mount poles, especially when used in commercial development. At Special Lite Products, we have decades of experience working with architects, contractors, and home owners in this regard. While we may not know the exact answers for your municipality, we can work with you to make sure the right questions are asked and that you stay safely in compliance with local regulations.

Lamp Post Accessories

In addition to full sized posts, our lighting fixtures can also be mounted on short “stub posts” measuring from 12” to 36”. Perfect for mounting on outdoor walls, near entrance gateways, or to complement garden landscaping. (A Stub Post Base is required.)

Learn more on our Post Accessories page.

Available bases include the Stub Post Base, Pedestal Base, and Concealed Base, with all available in the full range of Special Lite finishes.

Pose Electrical Accessories

  • Post Electrical Outlet (great for outdoor electrical needs).
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Electric Control (automates your outdoor lamps for evening use).

Learn more on our Post Accessories page.

Ladder Rest Signs

Your outdoor lamp post is a great place to make your home numbers visible. Special Lite Products offers two Ladder Rest Sign sizes. Learn more on our Post Accessories page. (Address numbers available on our Address Numbers page.)

How to Order

Special Lite Products are sold through our network of dealers and distributors, so you always have the local support and dependable response you need. At Special Lite, we stay involved with every project, making sure the details are done right and the relationship between you and our local distributor or dealer goes smoothly.

Learn How to Purchase Special Lite Products.

Looking for more reasons to Contact Special Lite? Visit our Downloads page, where you will find our Outdoor Lighting Catalog. We’re sure you’ll find the styles, sizes, and distinctive designs you’re looking for.


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