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Download PDF versions of our Outdoor Lighting Catalog, Mailbox Catalog, and Streetscape Solutions Catalog and LED Lighting Brochure. We’re sure you’ll find the styles, sizes, and distinctive designs you’re looking for.  All of our products are rust proof aluminum and powder coated for a finish that will not fade or peel. We are confident our products will maintain their beauty and integrity, continuing to satisfy your customers for years to come.

Standard Color Finishes

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Standard Glass Choices

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Product Specification Drawings

Decorative Commercial Lighting
Commercial Lighting | Commercial Lighting Poles | Commercial Lighting Fixture Combinations

Decorative Traffic Poles and Signage
Vista Series | Classic Series | Town Square Series | Main Street Series |

Templates & Installation Instructions

Click on any of the products links to download a PDF file of the instructions or mounting templates for that item.

Base Templates

Abington Tri-Light Base
503, 506. 507 and 509 Post Base Template
PB-173 Base Template
PSM - Pole Surface Mount Base Template
SPB-170 Stub Post Base
SPB-190 Stub Post Base
SPB-690 Stub Post Base
SPK-600 Post
SMB1 Anchor Template

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Lighting General Instructions
Les Instructions d'Installation d'éclairage
Installing Glass Clips
Dark Sky Reflector Installation Instructions

PC-8010 Dusk to Dawn Photo Electric Control
SR - Solid Roof used with PC1023CL and PC1026CL Acorn Globes
CR - Crown used with PC1026CL Acorn Globe

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Lighting Posts

SMB1 Pole Instructions & Template
SMB1 Ankle Base Repair Kit Instructions
SMB2 Pole Template
503 Post Assembly / Specifications
504 Charleston Post Dimensions
505 Williamsburg Post Dimensions
504 and 505 Post Assembly / Specifications
506 Post Assembly / Specifications
506 Tri-Light Unit Assembly Instructions
507 Pole Measurements
509 Tri-Light Unit Assembly Instructions
Combination Twin Lantern Assembly
H.I.D. Post Line Ballast Installation for 506 - 507 Post
PSM - Pole Surface Mount Base Template

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Attaching the mailbox to the mounting board
LB-997 Locking Insert Instructions

LB-998 Locking Insert Instructions
SCB-1015S (steel) Mounting Instructions

SCK-1017 and SCT-1010 Mounting Diagram
Magnet Replacement Kit Instructions
SCF-1003 and SCB-1005 Mailbox Door Replacement
Pro Series Mounting Bracket Replacement Nutsert - How To Video

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Mailbox Posts

SPK-700 Mounting and Assembly Instructions
Direct Burial Post Cutaway Drawing
SPK-600 Assembly and Mounting Instructions
SPK-590 Mounting Instruction
SPK-591 Assembly Instructions
SPK-592 Assembly Instructions
450 Post, mounting standard box
450 Post, mounting mailbox with newspaper tube
Surface Mount Posts Assembly standard box
Surface Mount Posts Assembly mailbox with newspaper tube
SPK-590 Wrap Around Base Instructions
SPK-680 Specification Drawing
SPK-680-DBL Specification Drawing
SPK-680 Installation Instructions

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Residential Mailboxes

Installing Newspaper Scrolls on a Horizon SHH-1006
Installing Newspaper Scrolls on others mailboxes

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Mailbox Accessories

MB-451 Floral Bracket
MP-454 Side Plaque Template
MP-452 & MP-453 Address Plaques

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Traffic Poles

Instructions for "BA Series" Pole (Smooth Break Away Pole)
Instructions for "MP Series" Pole (Fluted Pole)
"MP Series" Pole Specifications (Fluted Pole)
Instructions for V-LOC Break Away Device
WRB6 Installation Instructions
Buckle Bracket for Traffic Signs

Get CAD Drawings of a selection of our most popular sign configurations.


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Decorative Bollards

SMB1-Breakaway Bollard Specifications
Breakaway Anchor Bolt Instructions and Specifications

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Light & Mounting Blocks

Light & Mounting Block Installation Instructions
Lap vs. Dutch Lap Siding Diagram

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Address Plaques

Lighted Address Plaque Installation Instructions
SAP-4110 Floral Installation Instructions
SAP-4180 Classic Installation Instructions
SAP-4190 Boulevard Installation Instructions

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Product Maintenance

Click to view how to properly maintain your product after installation.
How to apply an Antique Finish.

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Special Lite Warranty

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