Commercial Light Poles

Direct Burial Poles

Direct burial poles require a minimum of 24” of the pole be submerged into the concrete pad for proper installation. Installers must check local codes and ordinances for minimum depth required for safe installation.

Enhance the look of your light poles by adding a Wrap Around Base.

Surface Mount Poles

Our PSM-408-wAD Pole, PSM-608-wAD Pole, 507 Pole, and 509 Pole may be mounted to a concrete pad by means of “J” bolts embedded in the concrete.

Lamp post choices, bases, and glass enclosures come in a variety of appealing designs. Contact Special Lite Products today to learn more.

Families of Coordinating Products

Special Lite Products offers coordinating cast aluminum outdoor lighting, mailboxes, mailbox posts, street sign posts, and commercial lighting.

Our matching products allow you to improve the look of your community or project by adding continuity to appearance and themes.

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Special Lite Products works with Architects & Designers, Builders & Developers, Commercial Developers, Cities & Municipalities, Property Management Companies, and Home Owners Associations. As a manufacturer, we can even develop custom solutions.

We sell no product directly from the factory. Instead we work hand-in-hand with our wide range of distributors and dealers to find you the reliable, local support you need for your project.

Our Goal

At Special Lite Products, LLC. our mission is to develop a strong and lasting relationship with you, our customer.

We strive to make you so satisfied you’ll share your experience with your associates, neighbors, and friends, helping to grow our business as an advocate of the quality, value, and upscale product line that only Special Lite Products can provide.

  • Special Lite Products are sold through our network of dealers and distributors, so you always have the local support and dependable response you need. Learn How to Buy Special Lite Products.
  • At Special Lite, we stay involved with every project, making sure the details are done right and the relationship between you and our local distributor or dealer goes smoothly.
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Selection and Design

Looking for more reasons to Contact Special Lite Products? Visit our Downloads page, where you will find our Outdoor Lighting Catalog. We’re sure you’ll find the styles, sizes, and distinctive designs you’re looking for. All of our products are rust proof aluminum and powder coated for a finish that will not fade or peel. We are confident our products will maintain their beauty and integrity, continuing to satisfy you and your customers for years to come.


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